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A-health Home Appliances Co. Ltd. (A-health Nanjing) is one of the five core members of Newtreat Environmental Technology Company (Britain) in China. A-health Nanjing is a clean air professional aiming to provide a healthy clean indoor air for home and cars. Our team consists of the qualified specialists of management and quality control from home appliances industry, automobile industry and marketing field. In addition, we have a think tank composed of the specialists of environmental engineering, construction engineering, home decoration engineering automobile engineering, chemical engineering and medical and health-care engineering. 

  Our product planning covers the high-quality products and services related to the prevention and treatment of indoor air pollution, including the technical support, electrical appliances, treatment agencies, construction and services, assistance for customers’ self-help projects and plant ecology. Our major products include central ventilation systems of constant temperature and humidity(constant oxygen), air energy system products, pollution-free raw material for home decoration and automobiles, Newtreat air treatment agencies(Britain), clean indoor air solutions for home and cars, self-help indoor air treatment projects, intelligent home oxygen generator, plant ecology, and the intelligent IAQ(indoor air quality) management system project jointly promoted by Newtreat Environmental Technology Company(Britain) and us. 

A-health is an official trademark of A-health Home Appliances Co. Ltd. It signifies a top-level healthy air and a comprehensive healthy life. 

Our Mission: To use the state-of-the-art science and technology to create a top-level healthy life.

Our Vision: To be the top-rated healthy indoor air supplier, providing every customer with an excellent top-level air quality experience. 

Our Declaration: 

  To strive for sustainable growth with the most advanced science and technology.

  To provide every customer with top-quality products and services

  Qualified employees and team-cooperation spirits are our cornerstone.

  We stand for trust, respect and reliability. We are your expert for healthy air. 


  With high-end core technology, we are a leader in the air cleaner field.

  Our products and systems stand for excellent quality, innovative solutions, expertise and an immeasurable wealth of air quality experience. 

   Aiming for both treatment and prevention, we ensure one thing above all: healthy air.

   We are the indoor air pollution cleaner; we are healthy indoor air system developer.

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